Day to Day Info.



Children should arrive at school at 8.45am ready for an 8.55 am start.

They are unsupervised before this time, so we request that children do not arrive before 8.45am.

School day begins   8.55am

Morning break time 10:10-10:25am (KS1); 

                                  10.30am - 10.45 am (KS2)

Lunch break (see Arrangements below)

                                   12 noon - 1.05pm (KS1) 

                                   12.15pm – 1.05pm (KS2)

Afternoon break time 

                                    2.30pm – 2.40pm. (KS1 only)

End of school day 

                                    3.10pm (KS1) 

                                    3.15pm (KS2) 

3.10pm finish for all children on Fridays.


To encourage independence, we ask parents to wait in the playground after school behind the ‘yellow line’

to allow staff to see children as they exit the classroom and find their ‘collector’.


When collecting your child we do ask you to leave the playground promptly as this helps us to identify any uncollected youngsters.

For children under 9 years old, parents are asked to complete a form advising the school as to who will collect the child each day.

If parents are not in the playground at the end of school the teacher on duty will take any children awaiting collection to the school office.


Should there be occasions when someone other than the named person comes for the child the collecting adult will be required to sign a register held by the School Office. 

In this case the child’s parent will ALSO need to be contacted by the school office to gain permission for the child to be taken by that adult PRIOR to the child leaving the site.


This may mean a phone call to the parent’s place of work. If your “collecting arrangements” change during the school day because of an emergency or a situation that cannot be avoided PLEASE call the school office well before the end of the school day. This will also apply to any nurseries, taxi drivers etc.


Assemblies take place every day:

                     Monday        10:00 - Whole School worship (Mr Booth)

                     Tuesday        2:40 - Singing/Music (Mr Withams / Mrs M van Looy)

                     Wednesday   9:05 - Church Service
                     Thursday       2:30 - KS1 Assembly
                                                   - KS2 Year assemblies
                      Friday            2:40  -Celebration assembly

Other special assemblies advised to parents for special occasions or class events.

School Lunch Arrangements

Hot school meals can be provided and parents should send the correct money/cheque on a daily basis or in advance for the week. Children may bring a packed lunch in a small named container. There is a growing concern with regard to the children who suffer from ‘nut’ allergies. It is therefore important that, as these allergies can become life threatening to some children, parents make sure that no peanut butter/peanuts/Nutella or biscuits or products that contain nuts or a cream nut filling are provided in your child’s lunchbox. 


Please click here for important information Food allergies and Intolerances


No fizzy drinks, glass or sweets please.


There are free school meals available for those families who qualify,   (please see School Office for details). Children who go home to lunch should be collected at either 12.00 noon for infants or 12.15pm for juniors and returned to school between 12.55 and 1.00pm. Please inform the office on their return to school for the afternoon session.



The school gate opens at 8:40am


              The hub will also be open from 8:40am.



Timings and Organisation

The school gate and hub will open at 8:40 am. Start of Day from 8:40 am. End of Day: The gate will be unlocked from 2:45 pm. There is a signing out register. This is to safeguard your child so please ensure the adult collecting your child signs them out. Children can then be collected from the classroom. 


  • Reception: Please sign your child in on their class register which will be in the hub.
  • Year One: Please sign in at the class entrance.
  • There will also be a column on the register for you to add any variation in collection at home time. You may then settle your child in class. All children to be settled in class and parents to have left our site by 9:10 am. The formal bell and close of register will be 9:15 am; any child arriving after this time will have to be signed in via the school office and marked as late. 
  • School office: this will be open from 8:40 am to Midday. Mrs Stokes will be on duty to answer any queries or take any messages. After this time any phone calls need to be directed to our Boston Avenue site on: 01702 354012 and will then be forwarded onto us.
  • Homework: At the start your child’s homework will be daily reading practise. In Reception there will be phoneme to learn/ practise each week, in Year One there will be spellings to learn each week for a test on Fridays. There will be a Reading Record in which you can comment on your child’s progress. Further information on this will follow.
  • Snack: We will provide a daily snack of fruit with milk (in Reception) or water to drink each morning. Water is also available throughout the day.
  • Water bottles: Only needed for Year 1. Labelled with your child’s name – water only, NO juice.
  • Lunch: All children have school dinners. Menus are available from the school office.
  • PE kits: Reception will only need trainers for the first half term. Year one will need indoor and outdoor kit in school. Children do not need plimsolls. Trainers are needed for outdoor PE.
  • Spare clothes: Please could you provide your child with spare underwear and socks in a named bag just in case they have an accident during the day.
  • Book bags: Reading book and reading records books need to be in school each day. Please check your child’s book bag regularly for letters or other correspondence.
  • NO toys from home except if requested by teachers for topic work.
  • Wellington boots: so your child can access the outdoors on rainy days.
  • Please ensure all your child’s belongings are labelled.
  • Parent Helpers: Anyone who would like to volunteer, please see your child’s class teacher. Just to make you aware, you will need to have a DBS check and an interview with a senior leader before you start.
  • If there are any concerns regarding your child: if you speak to the class teacher as the first contact and if the matter is not resolved please speak to Mrs Cashell, if there is still an issue please make an appointment to see Mr Booth.
  • Any questions please do not hesitate to ask myself or a member of staff.
  • Please do not use your mobile phone on site, this is to safeguard our children.


With thanks for your support,

Mrs Cashell


Bikes and Scooters We have a secure area to store bikes and scooters but it is not covered


Staffing at East Street:

Mr N Booth – Headteacher

Mrs N Cashell – Deputy Headteacher for East Street site

         Class Teachers

         Mrs M Hersey (St George Class –Reception) Senior Teacher

         Mrs L Mackay (St David Class –Reception) Maths

         Miss L Pawsey (St Patrick Class –Reception)

         Miss T Marsom (St Andrew Class - Reception)

         Miss J Cook (St John Class –Yr1) PSHE, Healthy Schools

         Mrs J Muttock (St Matthew Class –Yr 1) More Able Pupils

         Mrs R Pankhurst (St Mark Class – Yr1)

         Mrs A Soar (St Luke Class – Yr1) NQT Co-ord




Miss V Saunders (LSA) responsible for outdoor provision

Mrs K Loker - Assistant Catering Manager, East Street site

Mrs M Dawson – Midday Supervisor 

Mr T Flint –Site Manager.  Mr B Gates -Caretaker