Core Values



'Trust is when you believe that someone can keep a secret or respect your feelings. At St. Mary’s we trust that by following Jesus, we will live happy lives.'

By Kundai



'Respect means thinking of others and treating other people’s things carefully. At St. Mary’s we show respect for our friends by not hurting them. We respect teachers or other adults by listening when they are speaking.'

By Isaac



'We show responsibility at St. Mary’s by thinking carefully about our actions and the way that we treat others. We are responsible for our learning by listening carefully to our teachers and always trying our best.'

By Louis



'Forgiveness is when somebody has done something wrong but you give them another chance. Forgiveness at St. Mary’s is really important because God thinks that everyone deserves a second chance.'

By Annick



'Friendship is when you show care to other people’s feelings and lives. At St. Mary’s, we show friendship by making others feel valued.'

By Taylor



Perseverance is falling down 19 times and still getting up the 20th time. It is failing and failing but not giving up, or when you never stop trying until you finally get it right. At St. Mary’s, we persevere in our work and our friendships. We are learning that when you persevere, you succeed.'

By Tiana



'Caring is helping everyone - children and adults at our school. Being caring is what we all should do as it is a key need in our lives. At St. Mary’s, we care for all of the people in our community by donating to charities.'

By Joe


Dear God,


             Help us to Care for those in need

             To Respect ourselves and those around us

             To Persevere in our learning

             To Forgive those who hurt us

             To show Responsibility for your creation 

             and to Trust in the Friendship of your son, Jesus Christ.