Day to day info Boston Avenue





*Please note, the timings below have changed due to new Government guidelines. See Newsletters or New Arrangements and Timings September 2020.


Children should arrive at school at 8.45am ready for an 8.55 am start.

They are unsupervised before this time, so we request that children do not arrive before 8.45am.


School day begins   8.55am


Morning break time 10.10am - 10.25am (KS1) 

                                  10.30am - 10.45am (KS2)


Lunch break (see Arrangements below)

                                   12pm - 1.05pm (KS1) 

                                   12.15pm – 1.05pm (KS2)

Afternoon break time 

                                    2.30pm – 2.40pm. (KS1 only)

End of school day 

                                    3.10pm (KS1) 

                                    3.15pm (KS2) 


3.10pm finish for all children on Fridays.


To encourage independence, we ask parents to wait in the playground after school behind the ‘yellow line’to allow staff to see children as they exit the classroom. When collecting your child we do ask you to leave the playground promptly as this helps us to identify any uncollected children. For children under 9 years old, parents are asked to complete a form advising the school as to who will collect the child each day.


If parents are not in the playground at the end of school, the teacher on duty will take any children awaiting collection to the late gate which is located behind the demountable by Year 2. Should there be occasions when someone other than the named person comes for the child, the collecting adult will be required to sign a register held by the School Office. 


In this case the child’s Carer/Parent/s will ALSO need to be contacted by the school office to gain permission for the child to be taken by that adult PRIOR to the child leaving the site.


This may mean a phone call to the your place of work. If your “collecting arrangements” change during the school day because of an emergency or a situation that cannot be avoided, Please call the school office well before the end of the school day. This will also apply to any nurseries, taxi drivers etc.


Assemblies take place every day:


                     Monday        10am          Whole School worship (Mr Booth)

                     Tuesday        2.40pm       Singing/Music (Mr Withams/Mrs Van Looy)

                     Wednesday   9.05am       Church Service
                     Thursday       9:05am       Years 2 and 3 
                                           2.40pm       Years 4, 5 and 6 
                      Friday           2.40pm       Celebration assembly


For other special assemblies, Carers/Parents will be advised of the dates through ParentMail.