Eco Warriors

Welcome to the St Mary's Eco Warriors page! Here, we will update you on all of the fantastic initiatives our Eco Committee are putting together and share some of the work done as a wider school community.


Who are the Eco Warriors?


The Eco Warriors are a group of pupils democratically elected by their classmates to represent them on all things environmental. Every child has an opportunity to put themselves forward to be elected as an Eco Warrior.


Both Boston Avenue and East Street have their own Eco Committees! The Boston Avenue committee (Years 2-6) is led by Miss White and the East Street committee (Reception and Year 1) is led by Miss Park.


What do the Eco Warriors do?


Our Eco Warriors strive to care for our environment and encourage others to look after God's creation. They do jobs such as monitor energy and water usage as well as making sure that all members of our community recycle. The Eco Warriors meet together regularly as a part of an "Eco Committee" and gives them the opportunity to develop a wide variety of attributes, like team work, decision making and confidence. 


St Mary's Eco News


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The Tidy Police

At East Street, the children take it in turns to be the 'Tidy Police'. They ensure that all areas of our school are clean and tidy. This helps us to respect our school, the community and the local environment.