How to STAY SAFE on your journey to and from school

Be Bright, Be Seen -Road Safety
“Be bright, be safe, be seen” is a crucial message for children and parents as we move into Autumn. 
When the clocks go back dark evenings loom for pedestrians and cyclists, who need to make sure they are safe and can be seen by drivers.

Tips on how to be bright and be seen

·      Wear brightly coloured or fluorescent clothing as it shows up well in daylight and at dusk, bad weather and shorter daylight hours cause poor visibility, so make sure you can be seen
·      Wear reflective gear if out after dark to make sure you can be seen in car headlights
·      Clip-on reflectors, arm bands and stickers on clothes or school bags improve visibility, reflective strips can be bought to stick on bags and clothes
·      Cross at pedestrian crossings whenever you can - at night if there is no crossing near try to cross under a street light
·      If you are walking in an area which has either no or poor lighting, it is safer to carry a torch
·      Always remember to stay within the law and make sure you use lights on your bike during the dark hours                     
Don't blend in - be bright and stand out.