November Risk Assessment Covid-19 - East Street

Risk Assessment – Specific Activity/Situation



Risk Assessment Reference No: 1



Workplace Activity:

School opening for Y1 & YR


9th November 2020


Persons at Risk- Affected by Activity:

Staff and Pupils


23 Staff

200 children

Any Vulnerable Persons Affected by Activity:






Setting the Scene:


School re-opening following Coronavirus shutdown and Summer holidays– this applies to Reception and Year 1 pupils on the East Street site only.  ALL children and staff will now be in attendance according to Government guidelines. The Principal Deputy or Assistant Headteacher will be in attendance at all time that children are in school. In their absence a Senior Teacher will assume main responsibility for supervising staff and pupils. 

Catering staff will be in during the school day, usual hours but cleaners may not be available during this time, site staff will be on duty.

Pupil will return to usual uniform requirements.




Potential Hazards

Assessment of Risk











Risk of infection spreading via pupils or staff due to lack of social distancing in the classroom.








Lack of social distancing in toilets







Lack of social distancing waiting to enter classroom







Lack of social distancing during playtimes and lunchtimes







Contact of shared resources resulting in indirect transmission of the virus







Emotional distress of pupils







Emotional distress of staff







Risk of spreading virus due to close contact with children: 1 to 1 and restraint







Risk of infection due to lack of cleaning







Parents spreading Coronovirus at entrance to school.







Issuing medication to children – i.e. conjunctivitis ointment. Child falls ill/has an accident and lack of first aiders in school.







Staff shortages due to unavailability of current staff







Evacuation of staff and pupils affecting during a fire alarm due to one way systems and closed exits/entrances







Staff and pupils not used to rules when located in different classrooms – intrusion risk increased due to separation of families and anxiety of parents/immediate family during current pandemic







Increased risk of exposure to contamination from visitors – including contractors and external agencies (speech therapists, sports teachers, consultants etc).






Existing Control Measures



  • Class numbers to return to normal – when appropriate children will sit in groups of four depending on the physical constarints of the classroom.
  • Soft furnishings continue to be in storage, other furniture returned to class as needed and cleaned properly. Class teachers and LSA’s
  • Allocate children to their own space when in the room. Class teachers and LSA’s
  • Behaviour policy will be updated and regularly reviewed – pupils will be isolated if they cannot adhere to charter or break social distancing rules. SLT
  • Feedback using interactive whiteboard and visualizer to be used wherever possible. Class teachers
  • Pregnant women are in the ‘clinically vulnerable’ category and are advised to follow the relevant guidance available for clinically-vulnerable people.
  • Ensure there is a suitable supply of hand sanitizer and soap available in classrooms.  Bins for hand towels and tissues are not left to overflowing – inform teachers to monitor bins and do whatever is possible to keep overflowing to a minimum. Site staff to monitor at 11:30 am
  • Parents to wear face masks on site when collecting and dropping off.
  • Staff to wear their visor when outside when outside at the start and end of the day, during play and lunch as well as up close work with the children or class and during the daily mile.
  • Teachers and LSA’s to ensure that everyone washes their hands every hour through the day – at the beginning of the school day and before eating.
  • Windows must be open as should doors, with the exception of fire doors. As the weather gets colder windows should be ajar and open wider when the children are out for lunch and play.
  • Ipads and keyboards to be cleaned at the end of each day. Class teachers and LSA’s
  • Staff will not be required to meet with parents on a one-to-one basis except at Progress Evening which will be held outdoors.
  • No parents should be coming on site for meetings. No volunteers in until lockdown 2 is over.
  • Parents will be not be allowed in to the reception area to talk to office staff.  Communication to be by telephone or email. Office staff will use parent mail or individual email to communicate messages with parents where ever possible.
  • Extra-curricular activities will be continue and be risk assessed by the person leading the activity and checked by the Principal Deputy of that site.
  • Volunteers may return and are allowed to stay for 2 hours, they will have their temperature taken on arrival and must adhere to the school’s current procedures.
  • Staff to avoid face to face and minimize time spent within 1 metre of anyone.
  • Pupils who wear face masks to school remove when come into school and remove safely on arrival at school and dispose of safely. Non disposable ones need to be placed in a sandwich bag and put in a safe place until the end of the day. Class teacher.
  • Good respiratory hygiene to be practised.
  • If any members of the bubble show symptoms of Coronavirus, the school will consider isolation of 14 days minimum for all members of the school.
  • School will be deep cleaned following any known contamination outbreak.
  • General Gym equipment can be used by small groups but must be cleaned meticulously and frequently between bubbles. Outdoor PE to be encouraged. Sports coaches/ teacher leading the session.



  1.  Children to ensure they use the toilets during class time to minimize use during break and lunch times. Toilets and sinks to be allocated to a class via a sign on the door/ over the sink. Class teachers and LSA’s
  • Hot water and soap will be checked on daily basis. Site staff
  • Hand gel will be provided by entrance/exit to toilet. Site staff
  • Extra signs displayed to promote good handwashing. Site staff



  • One way route will be designed around the school wherever possible, to reduce pupils walking against the flow of pedestrian traffic.  SLT and site staff
  • Registers to be completed by: Reception 9 am, Year One 9:10 am. Classteachers
  • A list of children with food allergens will be displayed in the kitchen office.  Catering staff
  • Children will need to wash hands before eating along with use of hand gel. Class teachers and LSA’s
  • Additional Vomit clean up kits will be provided in the Reception Hub. Site staff to provide



  1.  Staggered playtime if necessary.  Allocate separate play areas for the Base bubbles.
  • Climbing frames/monkey bars/trail equipment with handrails to be cleaned after use. Staff




5.     Reading books can be sent home and then quarantined on returned.

  • Shared resources such as maths items/science equipment will be cleaned and disinfected each night and left to dry if it leaves the bubble. Class teachers and LSA’s
  • Tables, door handles and other hard surfaces will the cleaned and disinfected at the end of each day. Cleaners



  1.  Children will be placed in their usual classroom with their class.
  • Children from the bubble will not be permitted to work in corridors.
  • Only filled names water bottles.
  • Pupils suffering from anxiety may need to have reduced time in school to support their emotional needs.
  • Teaching staff will be allocated adequate time within the first two weeks of return to schooling to allow pupils to talk about their emotional needs, without being pressured into workload. Class teachers and LSA’s
  • Teaching staff will be provided with skills and resources to understand emotional needs in order to respond to pupil’s problems with re-adjusting to school life. SLT
  • Cognitive overload will be reviewed during PPA.  The Safeguarding/Senco lead will be contactable during the day to step in and assist the teacher when required. MB HJ GL



7.  Online Coaching and training provided for staff in Well Being and emotional stress.

  • Staff meetings on Wednesdays. SLT available if staff need to talk. SLT
  • Posters displayed in the staff room to include support lines – stress and bereavement counselling SLT
  • A nominated member of staff is available to staff on a daily basis to be contacted to discuss staff concerns. LP/ NC Monday, CS/NC Tuesday and NC Wednesday and Thursday, and MH Friday




8.  Behaviour policy will be updated prior to school reopening.  Any risk of spitting or other behaviour difficulties that require close contact with the child will need an individual risk assessment to be written (or health care plan).

  • Masks to be worn if needed – H95 grade and instructions provided for wearing it properly and care for cleaning.
  • Provision of disposable aprons and extra gloves to continue and to only be used when appropriate.
  • Visors to be worn if staff member is at risk or being exposed to spitting
  • Reduced timetable / exclusion/inclusion considered if necessary, i.e. putting staff member at higher risk of potential contamination.



9.  All surfaces such as handles, toilets, tables, chairs and shared equipment will be cleaned and disinfected at the end of each day.

  • All cleaning staff will wear full PPE: aprons, gloves, masks
  • Soft furnishings will be removed from classrooms – soft toys, carpets, cushions and stored in allocated areas. Class teachers and LSA’s
  • Deep cleaning of Reception class and Year 1 will be carried out at the end of each week. Cleaners



10. Two entrances in to the school to be used at start of the day and one at the end of day.

  • Head teacher will provide authorised parents with a time to drop off: 8:40-8:50 am for Reception, 8:50-9:00 am for Year One and 2:35-2:45 pm for Reception and 2:45-2:55 pm for Year One to collect their children. Issue drop off/collection time conveyed to parents through parentmail. Collection on a Friday for Reception 1:45- 2 pm.
  • Any staff member coming into contact with parents at the reception area of entrance of the school will be provided with disposable gloves and mask.
  • Children will have their temperature taken before entry by staff on duty wearing PPE.
  • No parents to enter inside the school site.



11. Ensure there is a medical room available for treatment of sick or injured pupils – have a sink and access to a toilet available that is segregated from general use.

  • Corridor outside caretakers office to be used for minor First Aid issues.
  • Office for anything more serious.
  • Sick bay to remain isolation room.
  • Brief all staff in handling basic first aid treatment, such as nose bleeds, issuing asthma inhalers, assisting pupils needing eye drops etc.
  • Anyone who is allocated to carry out first aid treatment will need to be wearing gloves and have a clear understanding of disposing of discarded materials (such as blood soaked tissues).
  • Hand wash and hand sanitizer will be available in the medical room.



12.  Staff ratios will return to normal.

  • Teachers will remain contactable to provide emergency cover in the event of another teacher not being available.  The Head Teacher and SLT will review the rota list on a daily basis if teachers and LSA’s call in sick.



13.  Maintenance team will work with the Head Teacher to ensure that staff will be informed of any changes to the fire evacuation route during this time.  If some exit doors are not in use, all staff and pupils will be briefed.

  • Pupils will practice the fire alarm drill during the first week of returning to school, taking into account social distancing rules whilst lining up in classrooms and also lining up at the assembly point.
  • All staff will be briefed on sweeping the building and isolating the fire control panel – in case Head Teacher or Maintenance Officer is not on the premises during a fire drill.



14.  Staff will be briefed on any changes to the lock down procedure during the school day. 

  • If the entrance gate can be locked (entrance buzzer is located here), office staff will be vigilant before permitting access by anyone who rings the buzzer.  Only people who have existing appointments will be permitted entrance. Nancy Harcourt
  • Office staff will be briefed on a daily basis to confirm who is expected to arrive during the school day. Staff
  • If the front entrance can be locked (buzzer outside door), only people who have existing appointments will be permitted entrance.
  • If any members of staff are aware of groups of people loitering outside the school premises, a lockdown will be implemented until the groups dissipate.  In the event that intruders do not leave, the police will be called. NC



15.  Where visitors to the site can come outside of school hours, they should. A record should be kept of all visitors.

  • Maintenance contractors (essential services to monitor safety functions such as Legionella, gas and fire detection systems) will be permitted into school when pupils are not present.  Site Staff
  • Where feasible, contractors and professionals will carry out virtual meetings to avoid direct contact with school staff and pupils.
  • Singing activities can take place with a class of children who are positioned facing away from each other.



Initial Assessment of Overall Risk














SEVERITY of injury/disease

LIKELIHOOD of occurrence




Fatality; major injury or illness causing long term disability

Certain or near certain to occur




Injury or illness causing short term disability

Reasonably likely to occur




Other injury or illness

Unlikely to occur



























Note:     Re-assessment required if overall residual risk is High



(Notes, comments, further details, outline procedures, safe systems of work, standards, drawings, etc.)


The following group of people are at high risk:

  • have had an organ transplant
  • are having certain types of cancer treatment
  • have blood or bone marrow cancer, such as leukaemia
  • have a severe lung condition, such as cystic fibrosis or severe asthma
  • have a condition that makes you much more likely to get infections
  • are taking medicine that weakens your immune system
  • are pregnant and have a serious heart condition

No full school assemblies will be carried out. If children need to be addressed by the Head Teacher or an SLT member, this will be done in each classroom, in the hall with social distancing being observed or in a suitably sized classroom that can accommodate social distancing rules.


Parent meetings will be carried out via virtual meetings wherever possibly, including third party consultants/advisors if necessary. 



The fridge handles in staff room will be washed on daily basis.  Cleaners


Staff will be asked to wash their own crockery and cups after every use so that use of dishwasher is reduced.


Hot water, soap, paper towels and hand sanitizer will be available in the staff room.


The staff room will be deep cleaned on weekly basis.




Risk Assessment Circulation List  (tick box)







Other – Specify:






Signature of responsible person:





N Cashell



Date Assessed:


Review Date:











Reason for Review

Third month at school

Reviewed By:

N.Cashell 9/11/20


M Hersey















Reason for Review

After Covid group meeting December

Reviewed By:



N Booth

R Smith